10 Best Business Antivirus Software - Checklist for 2020

According to recent research, only 2% of small business consider a cyber-attack as a most critical issue, with more than half of small to medium business faced a breach.

It might be because many small company owners believe that their size makes them a non-target for cyber-criminals. Anyhow, hackers may specifically target microbusiness, since they don’t have as impenetrable cybersecurity measures as big enterprises.

Antivirus protection won’t necessarily protect small companies from all threats, but it’ll detect them and prevent before they cause problems.

The devastating effect of cyber-attacks can be understated – since 40% of businesses that suffered from malicious attacks lost 25% of revenues.

With plenty of antivirus solutions for SMBs, choosing the best solution can be challenging.

Therefore, our experts compiled the checklist of 10 best antivirus software solutions for small business.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2020 – Best Business Antivirus

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2020 is accurate and reliable in virus detecting, featuring a secure browser that keeps the online shopping and banking transaction safe, web filtering to blocks access to malicious sites, and a password manager which auto-completes credit card details in web forms.

It also includes an excellent anti-phishing module, which alerts you to malicious links in the search engine results and blocks access to unsafe sites.

New for this 2020 version is multi-layer ransomware protection that learns the behavior of such threats to keep you safe along with the ability to scan all your linked devices through the Bitdefender Central mobile app.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2020 is priced at an average $39 for one device, one-year license, but adding Windows devices and years improves value. A one-year, 10 device license costs $79.99, and covering 10 devices for three years lifts the price to $179.99.

Avast Business Antivirus – Best Antivirus for Small Business

Avast Business Antivirus is a cloud-based endpoint security solution aimed especially the business user. It protects Window PCs and Mac devices along with servers.

With this business antivirus software, you get a cloud-based management portal, allowing an administrator to manage security from any device. It provides malware protection, scanning, anti-phishing regularly streamed updates, and app control. The rescue disk feature enables administrators to create a bootable version of Avast security.

Main features are available for an annual subscription fee, while subscribers can pay some extra to receive additional protections such as a firewall, sandboxing, anti-spam, https scanner, server protection, and data shredder. Its threat detection network is based on data received from 155 million Avast installations globally ensuring an advanced virus signature database.

Pricing starts from $39.99 per one device for a one-year subscription, $59.99 per one device for a 2-year subscription to $71.98 for per one device for 3-year subscription.

With each subscription, you get live technical support for deployment, priority, and configuration assistance.

AVG Antivirus Business Edition

It keeps your business and customer data safe from the viruses, ransomware, outbreaks, malware in real time. AVG Antivirus Business Edition is powered with cloud-based features as CyberCapture, improved malware detection, and enhanced web shield.

It’s the best antivirus for business that protects the email servers for safeguarding business communications flow, along with the file servers where vital business data is stored.

It also offers anti-spyware protection, which hides personal information from adware and spyware. File shredder deletes files permanently to avoid any unintentional recovery.

This antivirus software also includes reporting and free remote management. The client interface is updated, too. It’s available for Windows PCS, desktops, and servers. AVG offers free 24/7 phone and email support.

AVG offers 30-day free trial, or you can buy it from $43.19, which includes 1-device per 1-year subscription. You can also choose 2-year per device subscription for $64.79 or 3-year/per device subscription for $93.99.

Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security

This app is designed to protect the computer from various threats such as malware, phishing scams, ransomware, and even zero-day exploits. It’s the best antivirus software for business that grants or denies access to sites and apps to limit the chance of the breach.

Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to monitor your network and find possible problems continuously.

Since much of artificial intelligence comes from the cloud, whenever GravityZone finds issues, it informs the broader network to search for similar problems. It all results in a quicker response to new threats.

This useful solution comes with a free trial, so you can test it before you decide to pay $71.49 per year for 3 devices, $116.99 per 2 years for 3 devices, or $144.29 per 3 years for 3 devices.

Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus

It's the best antivirus for small business that looks to the cloud and a broad network of endpoints to maximize security. Avast’s security intelligence is based on the info it collects from millions of endpoints.

Geared with data, this free business antivirus software can be used PCs, Macs, and servers. Avast Antivirus Pro Plus is ideal for microbusinesses with 4 devices or less.

It’s designed to protect the computer against viruses, but it can also protect you with its built-in firewall. This solution also includes Behavior Shield, Web Shield, and Email Shield built-in to protect from suspicious emails to malicious programs.

Plus, this solution comes with a Softer Defender feature for keeping the apps updated, while Data Shredder lets you permanently delete files you don’t want to recover. It comes with a 30-day free trial. If you like, you can keep it for $59 per device per year, for $89.99 per device per 2 years, or for $107.98 per device per 3 years.

Norton Security Standard

It’s a powerful Norton antivirus for business solution which successfully secures a single Mac, PC, or mobile device. You can use the software to protects against a rash of threats, including viruses, malware, ransomware, and spyware. And if you’re online, the Norton Security Standard will keep your financial and private information safe.

A firewall is baked into Norton Security Standard, with full access to Norton security experts, who will guide you through solutions to problems.

Norton is so confident that its service works always. If Norton’s expert can’t keep the device safe from malware, you’ll get a refund.

It’s available from $189 per device per year. For 2-year/one-device subscription the price is $359, and for 3-year/one-device subscription costs $499. It’s an expensive option, especially for SMBs. However, it can be an excellent solution for freelancers.

McAfee Endpoint Security Essential for SMB

This McAfee Business Antivirus is a multi-featured security suite, designed for small and midsize companies.

This antivirus software offers companies with a wide array of functionality. A firewall keeps hackers out of business networks, while device control, Web security, and anti-malware protection, all defend against multiple security threats.

Plus, it includes an access protection tool that, in the case of a cyber-attack, restricts access to folders designated as “confidential.”

McAfee Endpoint Security Essential has a central control panel, available in the cloud or on-premise, which allows an administrator to monitor and manage the business network, ensuring company security is up to date.

Pricing varies from the number of licenses you need and how many years you sign up for a subscription.

Symantec Endpoint Protection 14 – Best Endpoint Protection for Business

Symantec’s software is used on more than 170 million endpoints worldwide and tackles on a variety of threats, including malware, ransomware, and zero-day exploits.

Symantec Endpoint Protection 14 is ideally suited for SMBs and companies that need advanced protection to safeguard their assets.

When targeting hackers who are trying to steal the credentials, this security solution doesn’t only stop the attack.

Instead, it lures the attackers into a “decoy minefield” where they can reveal tactics before they’re stopped. This action gives the security company valuable intel to be used in future treats.

Also, it has a bunch of other features to reduce the workload on the network and keep everything running smoothly.

This solution is available as a free trial. After the trial is up, you can get it for $3.50 per month/one-device, for $39.00 (pre-pay) per year/one-device, or $110.00 (pre-pay) for 3-year subscription per one device.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Its antivirus software for business which focuses on the security basics such as an accurate engine detects/removes threats, web filtering blocks dangerous URLs, and smart monitoring tracks/reverses malicious actions.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus is easy to use. A well-designed interface has an adequate number of buttons and options, with plenty of useful on-screen instructions.

A simple scheduler automatically runs any scan type every day, weekday, weekend, weekly or monthly. Its configuration options allow next day scanning if the computer is turned off, and you can minimize any performance impact by running scans only when the PC is locked, or the screensaver is active.

Pricing is ranging from $29.99 for 3 PCs/1-year subscription to $89.88 for the 5 PCs/3-year subscription.

ESET Secure Business

This free business antivirus is an on-premise anti-malware and security tier for small, midsize, and large companies. Main features include endpoint security, file security, anti-malware, mail security, virtualization security, bot protection, web control, and remote control.

Other useful features are data-loss prevention, data encryption, data backup/recovery, gateway security, network traffic analysis, and two-factor authentication.

The endpoint antivirus protects sensitive information such as passwords and username against treats. The file security feature protects against worms, spyware, viruses, and rootkits by monitoring malicious activities.

The email security features remove malware and spam from email servers. ESET Secure Business is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. It offers mobile device management for iOS and Android devices. Support is available through the knowledge base, videos, and user forums.

You can test this software with a free 30-day trial, or you can buy 5 devices per year for $231.

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