Data Backup and Recovery Orange County

As full service IT support company Secure Networks ITC offers triple data backup and recovery services to protect what matters the most for your business.

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  • On-site Backup Solution – Complete server backups will be done daily on-premise. The initial setup includes connecting a hard drive directly to the server after which your data will be downloaded and stored on the external drive automatically. This means that in case the server crashes, it will be possible to restore all your computers or server to the previous state. We'll make sure that everything is running smoothly by closely monitoring and checking the data exchange and the hard drive.

  • Off-site Backup Solution – Complete server backups are usually done once a week or once a month, depending on your business requirements. The data is kept on an external hard drive that is stored off-premises and is brought in periodically for executing the backup. This hard drive is usually swapped with the one sitting on-site, so the drives exchange roles each time the swap is made.

  • Cloud Backup Solution – The cloud backup can be done as many times as your business requires it to – the data from the server can be uploaded to the cloud once, twice, ten times a day even. The cloud stores raw data (folders and files) and raw data can carry a lot of weight. A lot of weight means higher costs, since the cloud backup price is charged per 1 GB.
To avoid irreversible damage to your business (and your health), you'll need to protect your most important assets and eliminate the risks of losing your business data. There are too many threats out there for you to ignore – software damage, hardware damage (fire, earthquake, hurricane), security breaches (both theft and hacker attacks) - you name it. However, looking at the dangers, it probably seems like keeping a backup on-site is an equal risk to keeping the backup off-site. After all, anything is possible, anywhere.

Say No, No and No to the Hackers

That is why we firmly believe that it's always better to be safe than sorry and that there is no such thing as too much backup. The triple data backup protection from Secure Networks ITC is designed to prevent you from constantly worrying about your data safety and to help you invest your energy in what is really important - your business. The goal is to bring back your focus, increase your productivity and efficiency by eliminating stress that things such as data loss can cause.

Three Components, but Only One Goal

The idea behind the triple data backup plan is to prevent a disaster by eliminating a single point of failure and to lower the overall costs. The backup plan consists of three components:

Cloud Backup Solution - It Might be the Cloud, but Nowhere Near Cloudy

Cloud backup solution is the most advanced data backup solution out there. The two main advantages of the cloud backup that you'll appreciate are that you won't need to worry about the physical external drives and the safety.

While backup hard drives can cause issues, can get damaged and can fail, cloud drive is set up only once, and you won't need to worry about its performance ever again. The backup is done as many times a day as your business requires it to and most importantly – it's done automatically. Your data will be recreated and stored in multiple geographical locations in multiple Microsoft data centers. This means that there is no fear of failure, as one data center can fail, but the others will still keep your backup.

We're monitoring the process and will receive notifications regarding the successful or failed backups (yup, getting disconnected from the internet is a thing that can mess up this perfect flow) in which case we'll act promptly and accordingly.

Pull the Curtains on Prying Eyes

Besides the automatization and creating numerous copies in safe locations, Microsoft uses advanced built-in encryption that will keep your data safe from various malicious activities and attacks, such as ransomware and viruses. All your individual files will be completely protected, transferred over secure channels to secured Microsoft data centers and stored in such encrypted state until called upon at site.

So, Why the Triple Backup Protection?

Cloud Backup Solution sounds like just about everything you need, doesn't it? However, if you want to solely rely on the cloud backup, be aware that it can become quite costly real fast, precisely because the price of the cloud backup depends on the size of your data. This is the reason why Secure Networks ITC employs the triple data backup protection. For us it is important to keep your data safe, but to also do it for a price that you can afford. A part of your business data is kept on the hard drives that are located on and off-premises, and a part of the data is stored in the cloud.