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Being a trusted healthcare IT provider in Orange County, Secure Networks ITC will reduce your IT-associated risks. We offer efficient healthcare IT strategies to improve computer/server and office network performance and reliability. As a Microsoft-certified company, we provide premier cybersecurity, remote & on-site IT support/server support, IT consulting, managed IT services, IT HIPAA compliance consulting, and many more.

Patients today expect to have more access to their physicians than ever before. Fulfilling all their needs require advanced technical solutions to book appointments, check information, and look at test results. We are able to offer comprehensive medical IT support to ensure all your platforms are running smoothly all the time. Taking away the burden of managing your IT systems will allow you to focus on delivering quality healthcare. Contact Secure Networks ITC to try our advanced IT healthcare and small business computer support at (213) 861-2255..

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With strict legal requirements imposed on the healthcare industry, the technology used in medical offices must run perfectly. Working with a skilled team of HIPAA compliance consulting experts will endure the medical facility stays compliant – our efforts will help you avoid data breaches of sensitive patient medical information.


Introducing Our Medical IT Services Orange County

Adopting a fitting healthcare solution for your company is your main goal. Ours too. Technological advancements will continue to change the healthcare industry. Taking control over those changes by getting the right healthcare computer support will increase the quality of care you provide. We are specialized in the following IT solutions:


Protecting your internet-connected systems such as server and end-point users, and data from cyber threats effectively is crucial for your business. We will find, test, and repair weaknesses in your company's infrastructure with the goal to strengthen areas where attacks may have occurred. Rest assured that malware and ransomware will not bother you again.

HIPAA Compliance

With us on your side, following HIPAA compliance guidelines will be easy. Protecting Protected Health Information (PHI) is essential in the medical business as any HIPAA violation may result in lawsuits. It is crucial to select a trustworthy HIPAA compliance expert to create an effective data protection strategy to ensure you get a HIPAA certificate.

Innovative Healthcare IT Solutions Provider in Orange County

With deep healthcare industry knowledge, Secure Networks ITC is a healthcare computer support provider that cares. We help healthcare businesses improve clinical and business processes by introducing and implementing new value-driving technologies. Our medical IT solutions are backed by thorough and thoughtful business analysis and help you reach your business goals. With us, you do not have to worry about data breaches, delays in care, and network interruptions that may frustrate both staff and patients.

Take control over your IT sector with Secure Networks ITC. As official Microsoft, Cisco, Lenovo, Dell, Bitdefender, and VMWare partners, we are here to improve your clinical, financial, and care outcomes. If you are ready to have a more efficient health system, you are at the right place.

Healthcare IT Services: HIPAA Compliance

Keeping patient data safe is the main goal of HIPAA compliance. Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act rules need to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of certain health information that is transferred or held in electronic form.

Protecting the privacy of an individual’s health information, or protected health information (PHI) by implementing appropriate procedures, policies, and technologies is a job for Secure Networks ITC. We are the leading professional healthcare IT support in Orange County that ensures consistent maintenance and adequate data protection of the electronic healthcare records (EHR) that have replaced the traditional paper-based patient information.

We offer HIPAA compliance audit and thorough risk analysis, creating a compliant data protection strategy, identification of potentially exposed networks and computers, securing risky computers and networks from cyber-attacks, setting up HIPAA compliant servers, emails, and Office 365 accounts, and restricting access to data to trusted staff only. We will do everything possible to ensure the confidential information stays protected from hazards like cyber threats and disclosure.

The violations of any HIPAA rule may result in costly lawsuits that can be devastating to your small or mid-sized healthcare organization. Let us handle all the aspects of the HIPAA certification process to help you avoid any inconveniences and resolve any doubt about these strict regulations. Count on Orange County cybersecurity experts from Secure Networks ITC.

Healthcare IT Services: Cloud-Based Solutions

Cloud is today an urgent business imperative; since the introduction of the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Mandate, many health organizations have adopted cloud-based healthcare solutions as a means of protecting and storing patient records.

The right cloud strategy will certainly accelerate your health business. It offers a flexible solution that allows the hospitals and other healthcare providers to use a network of remotely accessible servers that store large volumes of health data in a secure environment. Cloud storage enables doctors to view or share a patient's medical records collaboratively. The healthcare IT professionals from Secure Networks ITC will help you implement some of the following cloud solutions:

  • Microsoft Azure: This secure and cost-effective health platform allows authorized personnel to access, store and transform the data.
  • Microsoft Office 365: It is Software as a Service (SaaS) that combines the traditional Microsoft Office desktop applications with application services that allow health organizations to manage the documents more accessibly.

Healthcare IT Services: Backup and Recovery

Creating and storing copies of the data in the event of a loss is an efficient way to make computer data accessible in case of data deletion or corruption. Having a well-established backup solution in case of cyber attacks can help you preserve confidential data.

Secure Networks ITC as one of the leading medical IT services companies will help you implement some of the best data backup and recovery options:

  • On-site backup – Utilizing an external hard drive or other media to download and store your sensitive healthcare data directly from the server allows you to access your stored data within the premises quickly.
  • Off-site backup – Off-site backup includes a copy of the health business's production system data stored in a geographically different location than the production system. It can be done monthly, weekly, or daily, depending on your business requirements.
  • Cloud backup – During cloud beck up, data and applications on a business’s servers are stored and backed up on a remote server. It can make data readily available in the event of natural disaster, system failure, or outage.

Reliable Partnership With Orange County Healthcare MSP Company

Secure Networks ITC is a leading managed service provider in healthcare across Orange County. If you seek a BBB accredited company that understands exactly how you do business, you have found one. Our instant and timely support is high-quality and comprehensive. We are available 24/7 to remedy all of your technology woes, allowing you to take care of your patients. Contact us today; let us handle all the aspects of your technology infrastructure. (213) 861-2255.

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